"The wall will NOT be built!"

...the Mexicans who visited Wenger Engineering today say.

I was very honored to host a group of Mexican entrepreneurs and managers today. They were invited by the German Department of Commerce to get to know excellent German companies they could collaborate with. The focus of the trip is management methods German companies use that could be helpful in Mexico, too.

Wenger Engineering was selected once more since we have a strong track record of doing very difficult engineering projects all over the world.

Actually, I only had one question for them: Is Donald Trump going to build that wall? Germany has a lot of experience in building walls - the result is obvious: never again.

My new friends were very relaxed: He is not going to do that. It would be far too expensive, to time consuming - and it would not help him to keep the jobs in the country. (Of course, that answer was not very surprising for me...) So they are very confident they are not going to get into trouble with their automotive supplier businesses.

Have a safe trip back, guys! Next time I'll be in Mexico, I will sell you a project. 🙂

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