My first Tesla charging FAILURE

I have just experienced my first Tesla charging failure. We were in town, and I was lucky enough to find a parking lot just in front of "our" pizzeria with a 50kW charger. I thought: "Strike! Today is my lucky day!" I didn't even know we have those 50kW chargers in town. They must be new. 

But here's the problem: it didn't work. 🙁 

Actually it was no big problem, since I live just 10 minutes from that place and I had more than enough range to go home. But it would have been extremely convenient to charge my Tesla while having that pizza. 

This event reminded me of a simple fact: an infrastructure is worthless if it doesn't work. [Guess what the the claim of our local electricity provider is: "Rely on it". Funny... 🙂 ]

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