Do I have a right to charge my Tesla?

Do I have a right to charge my Tesla? Good question, isn’t it? If you are an owner of an EV (like me), you are absolutely dependent on chargers. You plan your trips, you plan your charging stops, and you even plan when you charge it overnight.

If the charger doesn’t work or is already blocked by someone else, it might be very frustrating. It is especially frustrating when it is blocked by a gasoline vehicle that misuses the charger as a parking lot. It happened to me many times. What to do? Scratch the car? Wait for the driver and hit him in the face? Call the police? Not my preferred options…

So the only conclusion can be: I have no right to charge my car. Public charging is something someone else offers to me, but at a limited capacity. Like a very small restaurant. If all tables are occupied, I have to go somewhere else. Even if someone is just sitting there without eating or drinking. Bad luck for me. I should have come earlier.

Is it just a matter of time until there are enough chargers for everyone? Or will the gasoline drivers learn how to behave?

What is your opinion on that?

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