Another Telsa charging failure

I have just experienced my first "real" Tesla charging failure. The charger was completely down.


Last Saturday, a good friend asked me if I had ever experienced a technical problem with my Tesla. I said "No, nothing at all. Some incompatibilities, some "You don't have the right access card, therefore we won't let you charge", some other minor issues - but no technical problems."


However, today, the charger right next to my office was dead. I didn't get a single electron.


...but still, I think: "Today's my lucky day." I don't have any external meetings. I'll just have to come back later and try it again. A minor inconvenience. It's just part of the game, part of being a pioneer.


It's the early adopters that make new things happen - both on the customer and the corporate side. I'll have to be more patient and resilient sometimes... 🙂

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